Autumn is arguably nature’s most beautiful season but many business owners barely get a glimpse, because it’s also one of the busiest times of the year.

Many of them barely have the chance to draw breath between October’s Halloween and Black Friday frenzies and the long run-up to Christmas. We can help ensure things stay on an even keel, but there are many things you can do to keep your mental health in good shape too.

Take time out and put your feet up for our ways to incorporate self-care into your routine as a business owner.

Get out and about

Everyone who has the time to exercise always bangs on about its benefits, but not every business owner can take time out of their day for a jog around the block or a lazy lunchtime saunter in the park. We get it!

There are still things you can do to blow away the cobwebs, stretch those muscles and give your brain five minutes to reboot. Something as simple as walking up and down a flight of stairs three or four times will get the blood pumping without eating into your precious time.

Make your environment healthy

Do you love where you work? Our office is an organised and productive, yet calm and comfortable space, a claim not every office or workplace can make.

Take a look at where you’re spending the vast majority of your time. If it’s untidy, disorganised and an uncomfortable place to be, it will affect your mindset and, potentially, your business. Take an hour to clear out some of the clutter, bring in a bit of calming greenery and your shoulders will soon start to relax.

Eat well, be well

We all know the benefits of a balanced diet, yet so many entrepreneurs don’t have time for breakfast or skip lunch and instead grab something junky while they’re on the go. None of which is good for the mind or body.

We understand time is money, but part of incorporating self care into your routine as a business owner means being strict with yourself and making sure you eat as well as possible. Ditch the sugary snacks and opt for fruit and, wherever possible, take the time to have a proper lunch – get the whole team involved if need be. Make it a communal affair!

Learn to say no

Songwriters may think sorry is the hardest word but for business owners, it has to be ‘no’. Turning down opportunities comes with the lead-weight-in-the-belly feeling that they may never come round again.

Trust us, they will. Every business has the occasional tight deadline where it’s all hands – including us – on deck, but if you’re constantly under the cosh, it can be debilitating and actually have a negative impact on your production. Saying no from time to time will not only avoid stress, it can also better focus your resources.

And so to bed…

Busy periods such as autumn or the final few days of a major project can be very intense, and many business owners as well as their teams could end up burning the candle at both ends to get everything done.

When the final ‘i’ is dotted and the last ‘t’ crossed, it’s time to focus on yourselves and get some proper deep sleep. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher may have survived on a handful of hours, but a solid six to eight are essential for helping your body and mind recover – so you can face a new day fresh as a daisy!

If you need help to make more time for you, give us a call and we’ll have you feeling zen in no time.

Right by your side, virtually.

Stay focused, stay calm, stay happy