Back in the day, when business people met for a chat over a drink, the question would be: “what’s your poison?”. Today, we communicate at the push of a button and ask: “what’s your platform?”.

It’s almost impossible these days to run a flourishing business and not have some form of social media presence, even if it’s just a link to a single landing page. But there’s a lot of value to be gained from these platforms, which is why everyone from Amazon down to a one-person business band publishes content day in, day out.

Not every company can afford a bespoke social media department, but there is a way to manage your online presence without burning the candle at both ends or breaking the bank. Sit back as we explain how using virtual assistants to scale your social media is a winning move.

It begins with your brand

Nobody understands your company and brand as well as you. Your social media content and the platform you choose to publish on will be a means to both reflect and amplify your message.

While you may know this at every level of your business, it’s important that your virtual assistant has as much granular information, so laying out every stage of your process and the thinking behind your social media campaign(s) is crucial. Then you can decide how much or little you want your VA to handle.

Perfect your profiles

No matter which platform your business or you use, it’s important that your profiles are as accurate and up-to-date as possible. It’s best for you or a professional to take care of that, but when it comes to keeping everything updated, that’s when a VA steps in.

As well as ensuring contact details are correct, we can add new skills, links to blogs and videos, and accomplishments such as publications, patents or awards.

Keep that quality content coming

Social media never stops, and while some business owners do post content on the hoof, a better strategy is to plan blocks of it in advance, usually a month at a time. You may want to write your own content but you can hand over the scheduling to a VA.

There are two direct benefits to this: first, you can get on with more important tasks, and second: having a human post your content natively means your posts won’t be flagged up by any of the detection systems looking for bots. There’s also the benefit of having a final pair of eyes to make sure there are no errors.

To engage or not to engage?

Having a regular stream of content on your social media pages is great, but what happens when someone responds?

It’s down to the individual business owner to decide whether they engage with people on their platforms or if they allow their VA to do so on their behalf from time to time. Someone asking for literature or a brochure, for example, could be dealt with by your VA, and of course they will automatically filter out all the spam and rubbish.

If you want help scaling your social media presence, get in touch and we’ll help send those likes and shares through the roof.

Right by your side, virtually.

Stay sharp, stay wise, stay engaged