Running a business is challenging but very rewarding.

There are many elements that make up a business. Whether you are about to start up a single enterprise or partnership, or whether you are already established, your to-do list can often seem like an endless task of admin and business formalities. Formalities that are essential but that you’re not making any money from.

For example, this is my first blog post! I’m excited to be getting things going in this area of my business as I feel that it’s a great way to be a bit more personable to my clients and of course any potential clients that might stop by my website. It’s also a great way of providing an additional information service to my audience. Sharing knowledge, guidance and ideas as to how they could make their lives easier in business and indeed in their personal lives. After all many things in life are transferrable, so what may resonate in business, may also turn on a lightbulb in making day to day life that little bit easier too.

However, having a blog may not be ‘essential’, and many people run successful businesses without one, in these current technology focused times it’s not all that often that you find a business that doesn’t. So, are you missing out on potential opportunities to connect and engage?

The point of this example

Taking time out to write content for your blog does eat away at time you have available to be working on those billable tasks. Ideally, as I mentioned above, your blog should be personable, so being written by you is preferable, but how can you make the time to do this important part of what would be considered part of your marketing campaign?

Outsource other tasks that do not need to be done by you.

Are there tasks that you could outsource to someone else reliable that would free up your time, not only to write content for your blog, but also take on more work that earns you income? Could outsourcing these tasks make you more productive within your business?

Think about your diary management. Would it help to have someone take care of this for you? To make your appointments, book in your meetings or arrange locations for meetings to take place.

Do you look at your inbox and just not know where to start due to the sheer volume in there?  Or are you concerned that your clients may feel “unloved” as it takes you so long to respond to them?  Would having someone there who could either answer a query/book in a meeting, or just send a personal holding note be of benefit?

If social media isn’t your thing, or you would like to some help with online advertising, outsourcing these tasks could certainly contribute to increasing your productivity.

If writing blog content just isn’t your thing, you could even look for some help in creating the initial content, for you to add your own personal touch. Maybe you just need someone to proofread and get what you’ve written uploaded to your website. Or maybe you need some help with topics and creating an editorial calendar?

When is the right time to outsource?

The sooner you outsource, the quicker you will notice the increase in productivity.

There are no rules.

You could be a start up business and already understand the benefits and be ready to delegate now. Established businesses may have been thinking about it for a while but have just not taken action (or are too busy with everything else) to outsource.

Now that the seed has been sown, maybe it’s time to think about what you could outsource. In my next post, I’ll be sharing more ideas as to what tasks you could delegate to lighten the load. However, if you’re ready to find out more right now then contact me so we can discuss things further.

Thanks for reading. Until next time…