There’s no better time to be working from home.

For many of us it may not be our first choice, but can you imagine if this pandemic had happened ten years ago? We would not be as fortunate as we are now, as the technology wasn’t as good, which would make communicating with each other on a personal and professional basis so much harder.

With the advancement in technology, it has certainly made the world feel like a smaller place. We can chat with our loved ones or conduct business meetings across the globe, simply by installing software onto our computers or mobile phones and then have face to face video calls. Sometimes just being able to wave to a relative, even if it’s virtually, can make the tough times so much easier.

In my last post, I talked about communication and connectivity during COVID-19 and methods of staying connected within your business, as well as on a personal level.

This time, I just wanted to touch on the ability to successfully hold meetings, conferences, webinars, group chats or even training events. Yes, all these things are still possible with today’s technology!

When it comes to hosting meetings, Zoom is probably the most talked about piece of tech at the moment. It’s doesn’t cost anything to sign up and you can hold 40-minute meetings on the ‘Basic sign up’ account for free. That’s plenty of time to connect with your work colleagues, clients, friends or even a combination of a few of those groups. Maybe this time away from ‘normal’ has got you thinking about a business venture with a friend or family member and you want to have a meeting to discuss your ideas. Maybe there’s someone else that you want to get involved, where you need to enlist their services and you all need a face to face meeting to discuss. Your graphic designer for example, to get your website designed and ready for launch.  Of course, with the current lockdown in place, that’s not possible so the best way to do it is by a video conference call.

These conference calls can also have a screen sharing facility so that you can demonstrate ideas and mock-ups, reports or even training to other people.

There’s so much you can do!  They may need a little synchronisation in getting started but there are a few steps you can put in place to ensure that your virtual meeting runs smoothly:

  • Test your tech before you start
  • Perform a ‘dummy’ run – this could be done with family members to make sure you are happy with how everything works.
  • Make sure you send out invites and reminders, if you don’t use a calendar then send links via email and then follow up with emailed reminders.
  • If you’re the host, make sure you are there early to activate the meeting and then let your guests on to the call!

If you would like some assistance on how to get started with virtual meetings, I would be more than happy to help. It’s important in these times that communication is on top of our list of priorities, so if you’re not sure where to start, would like some recommendations on video conferencing software to use, or even need help organising and managing your meeting, then please do get in touch.

In my next post, I’m going to share with you some methods on managing your time effectively to keep productivity in motion.

Stay safe, stay at home, stay healthy.