How are you managing your time during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are you finding that working from home is proving to be more productive than you thought it would be, or are you finding yourself slipping out of a routine, rushing to meet deadlines and generally feeling as though you’re falling behind? This can relate in both business and personal tasks. It is so easy to slip out of the day to day steps that make your day productive.

In my last post, I shared some time management tips to help you organise your day and stay on track. Did you try any? Are there any that you already use? Do you have any additional tips to share?

In one of the tips, I mentioned that I used a project management tool as a great way to manage time and to-do lists.

It can also help you to:-

Collaborate – If you work with other people on your projects, this is a great way to organise your work together. You can communicate with other members of your team in an organised approach, without having to go through email trails.

Delegate tasks – by assigning a specific task to someone else, it is clear who is responsible for completing each element of the project. One person’s task could be dependent on another so by using clear delegation and setting due dates, you will see your projects and productivity move forward. I will be sharing some more tips on delegation, so if this is something you are interested in, then keep an eye out for my upcoming posts.

Communicate with clients – some project management tools have the ability to add your clients into the fold. You can provide them with restricted access, (so they only see what you want them to see), which then gives them not only a way of contacting you about a specific task, again limiting the email trails, but it also means they are updated as to the stage of the project.

Schedule – By adding start dates and due dates to each task you are creating your schedule. Perhaps you have specific time slots during each day that you focus on a particular project or client. Using the calendar, that comes with most project management tools, will enable you to plan your workload.

Share documents – Uploading documents to project management software means that they are easy to locate and can be linked to specific projects or tasks. All that time saved from having to search for documents you have saved in your intricate digital filing system! It is there for you and attached to the task.

Develop processes – Having systems really does help with productivity. You can use project management tools to develop rinse and repeat processes. If you do a similar task for multiple clients, then develop a bespoke task list that can be shared across projects with the same requirements.

Log time and produce billing information – When it comes to productivity, time is of the essence, so it is useful to see how much time you are spending on certain tasks. It also means that when it comes to invoicing, you have the information readily available to you, which in some cases can then be exported to your invoicing software. Another huge time saving factor.

The tool that I use to help me do all these things is Teamwork Projects. It is a very intuitive platform, that has all the above under one roof. My day to day is already laid out before me, so that I know as soon as I open Teamwork, whether by App or on my computer, I know exactly what I need to do and where to start.

If you think that using a project management tool could help you to be more productive, then I would be more than happy to share my knowledge of teamwork with you and also discuss alternatives that might be more appealing for your specific circumstances. Get in touch if you want to make your days productive, motivated, and organised. You will never go back to paper and pen to-do lists again.

Until next time…

Stay safe, stay at home, stay healthy.


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