How has another week rolled around so quickly?

Are you finding that one day merges into the next and you are finding it hard to differentiate between Monday to Friday and the weekend?

Perhaps you are finding that you are more productive on a weekend than you are during the working week? It happens. When you have the option to choose the hours you work, you can start to identify when you feel energised and when you feel a little sluggish. If you are a morning person, you may find that you get a huge amount of work done before lunch, but then struggle to get going again in the afternoon. If you find that the evening suits you better, are you having time to yourself during the day?

For some people, working from home during this pandemic has not been a choice but a requirement by your employer if you are currently in an employed role. How have you found it? Has this new way of working been enlightening, or have you found it a challenge? Have you found that you have had more flexibility on your working hours and noticed the impact on your productivity?

If you are self-employed, have you noticed a change in the hours you work?

Of course, there are those people that fall into both categories of employed and self-employed; those that have been unable to work from home and have found themselves with a lot of free time to be filled with the added side helping of anxiety of what is around the corner for their current position or business. On the flip side, has it made you re-evaluate your situation and become more productive in making provisions for a change? There are many pros and cons to working from home.

Now that the tides are starting to turn in this pandemic, and the message of ‘stay home’ has now changed to ‘stay alert’, how are you feeling?

There are a lot of questions there but thought provoking none the less.

My post this week is to find out how you are all doing. How have you adapted during these times that we have never experienced before? What have you learnt?

I would love to hear from you with any challenges you have faced and may still indeed be facing when it comes to working from home. I may have faced them myself and can share my knowledge and perhaps offer some solutions that you may not have thought about. Contact me and let’s see if sharing experiences can ignite new ways of working, new ways of being productive and new ways of maintaining a work life balance and being able to identify what day of the week it is from the next!

Until next time…

Stay safe, stay alert, stay healthy.