Despite all the negatives that have arisen from this very surreal situation to us all, there are actually some positives.

We may have been forced to see things from an entirely new perspective, which may not have happened if the world had not been put on pause for the last few months.

When was the last time we got to spend such a significant amount of time with our children? To see them develop and grow and to interact with them in a way we often feel is rushed due to time constraints. They may be missing their friends and other members of the family as much as we are, but this is an opportunity. One, in contrast we hope we never have to experience again, but an opportunity to be embraced right in this present moment.

How about having time to exercise? To not have to try and squeeze in a trip to the gym before or after work but having the ability to do a home workout when you feel like it. Take a walk when the mood takes you or hop on your bike and explore your local area. Discovering places that you never knew were right on your doorstep.

Can we remember when we had such glorious weather? Okay, so we may not be able to enjoy it with anyone outside our immediate household as much as we would like to, but think about the flexibility of being able to sit in your garden and soak up some sunshine and vitamin D.

We may feel restricted in some areas of our lifestyle, but let’s just revisit the word flexibility from that last paragraph.

The good that has come out of this pandemic is to be able to acknowledge just how flexible and adaptable us human beings really are. New ways of thinking and being innovative have emerged, including being able to continue to work from our own homes. Technology has played a huge part in us being able to keep productive, keep communicating and keep the faith! Just imagine if this had happened just 10 years ago, how different things would have been.

A new focus on work-life balance is becoming a predominant topic, with countries like New Zealand even looking at reverting to a 4 day working week, not only to help the health and wellness of the people but also to help to rebuild the economy.

Changing the way we work has already proved successful during these trying times. Could creating more flexibility, whether you are employed, or self-employed be a way to a better future?

The Virtual Assistant industry has had a fair few years of experience ahead of COVID-19, so if you are thinking of ways in which your business could benefit from this crisis, and expand in directions you had previously not considered then it may be worth exploring your ideas further. Perhaps with a little help from someone who could show you the ropes of the flexible working world.

If you would like to find out more, then I would be more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with you. Contact me and let’s make sure that this pandemic doesn’t hinder our goals and dreams, but gives us a chance to pause, lay some foundations and build something strong and robust that can sustain whatever may get thrown at us.

Until next time…

Stay safe, stay alert, stay healthy.