This time last year, we were none the wiser to what 2020 had in store for us.

We carried on with our day to day lives with a naïve approach that for the foreseeable future, things would just continue in the very same way. Then the Corona Virus raised its ugly head and sent the world into a time of uncertainty. A time of fear and panic. A time that none of us were prepared for.

It’s a very surreal situation and from the devastation and chaos that this pandemic has caused, there has in fact emerged some clarity. That we need to know what to do when the unforeseeable strikes. To know how to take care of ourselves and our families. To survive!

We follow government guidelines to protect our health and keep others safe. We rely on the information that we are provided with to help see us through to the other side. But, what about the contributions that you can make yourself? Let’s hope that we do not have to face this situation again, but who is to say that something else won’t come along and throw a spanner in the works. Are you prepared?

Now more than ever, businesses are realising the importance of a continuity plan in the event of the unpredictable, to help continue to operate. To outline procedures and instructions that need to be followed for a business to survive.

Have you thought about the following?

  • How big of a plan do you need? Who do you need to consider?
  • What areas of your business will be affected?
  • What areas of your business need to be prioritised?
  • How can you create a plan to maintain operations and keep your business functioning effectively?

Preparation has always been important, but now so, more than ever when we are faced with a risk that I imagine none of us would have included in our small business risk assessment.

Perhaps you already have a plan, but did it take into account a situation like this?

Unfortunately, most businesses are now making these plans as a result of this pandemic, but it doesn’t mean that it is too late. Whatever strikes us in the future, having a well thought out continuity plan that can be applied to situations of the unexpected will give a sense of security.

Create your own guidelines, have a plan, because those with a plan move forward quicker than those that don’t.

Perhaps you have had to re-evaluate your business and look at an alternative way to operate by taking it online. Relying more on technology resources and tools and learn new skills to be able to utilise what’s available. It can be a daunting process to make a big shift in the way your business operates, but you are not alone.

If you need some assistance in implementing new procedures into your business, contact me as I would be more than happy to see which areas I could offer you support. Now is the time to get creative with the way we work. Despite the upheaval that surrounds us at present, there’s never been a better time to think about the future.

Until next time…

Stay safe, stay alert, stay healthy.